Track Day Car Project


Harding Auto Services have developed a MkIV Golf track car from one of the most popular engines on the road today, the 1.8T. At first glance it looks fairly normal but we can assure you - it isn't!

This car produces 250bhp and 300lbft of torque! Horse power is often the quoted figure, but in reality track racing is all about torque and acceleration out of the corner.

The car has up-rated turbocharger, fuel injection and intake/intercooler systems. All of this is controlled by a Vipec engine management system, one of the most powerful systems in the industry. Combined with up-rated suspension and brakes, this car is no slouch!

If you'd like to discuss track day preparation for your own vehicle or a full motorsport package including bespoke engine management we can develop everything from start to finish. Please call or email for further information.