ECU Remapping

ECU remapping service Remapping is the new chipping. Modifications are made to the software rather than the hardware of the ECU. In most cases this can be carried out using the vehicle's on-board diagnostic socket.  However some of the very latest vehicles do require the ECU to be removed and flashed on a bench.  Either way we have invested in the best equipment to cater for all options.

Some companies are using this to develop massive power gains at the expense of economy & drivability - we're NOT!

The ECU software is tried and tested on a rolling road and does make significant improvements in power, but can also give you big MPG gains, with engine longevity being of foremost importance.

Harding Auto Services are offering this service on most makes and models so please call or email to receive quote.

ecu remapping If your car has already been heavily modified or if you would like to discuss modifying we can offer a complete package for your car.  This includes implementing a stand alone ECM system from start to finish - recommended for motorsport or fast road applications.

Go to our remap booking page, select your car and we'll tailor a tune to your requirements.