Diesel Power Tuning (DPT)

The advantages of DPT are:

  • Improved drivability
  • Increases BHP
  • Increases Pulling Power (Torque)
  • Eliminates dead spots.
  • Improved MPG for high mileage drivers

You can find out more at the
Diesel Power Tuning website

Unlock the true potential of your diesel engine with the Diesel Power Tuning module and see the benefits of more power, Economy and most importantly your Diesel's performance, so PEP up your car!

The DPT tuning box module has been engineered and is manufactured in Europe. They can be programmed to be used on most modern diesel engine vehicles. DPT will give you more power when you need it most, better acceleration if required and better fuel economy.

We can advise you how to achieve the most for your personal motoring requirements.

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